TractManager Expert:
Alicia Hanson

Alicia Hanson joined TractManager in October 2018 after a long career in healthcare revenue cycle. She has developed a solid understanding of the market, a wealth of relationships with large organizations, and an advanced comprehension of the healthcare sales cycle.

She has helped new businesses from the ground up, creating policies and processes that drive rapid multimillion-dollar revenue attainment and using her skills working with executives and clinicians. Her passion is taking care of customers. If a customer has an issue, she commits herself wholeheartedly to getting it resolved.

Alicia has served as Senior VP, Business Development, at Recondo Technology, and Senior VP, Revenue Cycle Business Partnerships, at MedAssets. She has also been an Assistant VP, Revenue Cycle, at LifeCare Management Services, and a Senior Solutions Consultant at Cerner. She has a B.A. in Business Administration from St. Ambrose University in Iowa.

Alicia Hanson

Senior Vice President Business, Business/Channel Partners

Top 10 Negotiating Strategies

Skilled negotiators are like musical virtuosos. They have an extensive repertoire of tactics from which to draw, and they know when and how to make them a part of their performance. But negotiating healthcare contracts for capital, purchased services, and IT services can test the artistry of even the most masterful negotiator.