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MediTract CLM

So many contracts. So many stakeholders. So many redlines. It’s a wonder agreements make it through the maze of approvals.

Making sure the right person has access to the right contracts at just the right time isn’t always easy. A true contract lifecycle management system enables the visibility you need to manage your contract assets with precision. Our solution centralizes your contracts in one repository, standardizes your processes, and optimizes your ongoing contract management efforts.

Cut the Red Tape and CLM Headaches.

Our healthcare compliance and contracting advisors work with you to understand your specific workflow needs. From there, we introduce best practice workflows and help configure our technology and process recommendations to meet those needs.

MediTract CLM helps you:

  • Centralize your contracts into a common repository, creating a single source of truth and visibility into your entire ecosystem of agreements.
  • Standardize contracting processes to streamline decision-making, improve productivity, and eliminate contract variability.
  • Optimize your downstream contract management activities by utilizing analytics and insights to diagnose and resolve possible contract challenges before they arise.

You’ll never waste valuable time on administrative red tape again, which means you can spend more time discovering savings to reinvest into delivering better care.

There’s a Reason We’re #1 in Healthcare Contracting.

 MediTract CLM combines a centralized contract lifecycle management system with configurable workflows and AI-enabled contract analytics to standardize and optimize the entire contract management process.

Contract Library

Manage all your contracts in one environment and gain a comprehensive view of all business arrangements in a central place.


Workflow Manager

Standardize your decision-making processes. Create transparency and accountability in every phase of your contract lifecycle.


System Administration

We can provide ongoing administrative support to ensure MediTract CLM adapts to your organization’s evolving compliance needs and business requirements.


Authoring Tools

Store and manage approved contracting templates and clauses and enjoy speedy negotiations with in-application redlining, document versioning and track changes, and digital signatures.   


Customized Training

Improve adoption, retention, and utilization of the solution by taking advantage of our onsite or web-based training and support options.


Database Cleanup

Whether you’re going digital for the first time or transitioning from a legacy system, we’ll work with you to aggregate and clean up all your contract data.


Permissions Engine

Our permissions engine allows for role-based permissions, reviews, and approvals to ensure the right person reviews the right contract at the right time.


Third-Party Integrations

Easily integrate data from your ERP platform and improve your administrative processes with real-time data exchange with MediTract CLM and our other solutions.


Our Solutions Automate and Streamline Your
Provider Management Processes.

Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Provider Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.

There’s a Reason Why the Nation’s Top Health Systems Choose Us for Contract Lifecycle Management.

Cost Savings and Reduced Financial Risk

Our contract analytics identifies redundant contracts and unfair pricing, while our integrated Compliance Suite helps reduce legal exposure and avoid penalties. We helped a client avoid $4.4 million in fines.

More Efficiency and Less Time

The MediTract CLM Compliance Suite lets you manage enterprise-wide contracts while reducing your administrative burden. We decreased the time from contract creation to contract execution for Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) by 96% for a large health system.

The AI Uprising: You Can’t Control Your Costs If You Can’t Control Your Contracts

Analyzing your contract data helps you secure the right price and terms and prevents expensive compliance violations.