Healthcare Contract Analytics: From Insight to Action. 

TractManager’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Contract Analytics provides the insights you need to avoid compliance, security, financial, and other contract risks.

There’s important information hidden deep within your agreements, and without the right technology you may never know the full extent of your organization’s exposure.

Healthcare organizations typically don’t have the time or the resources to manually comb through their thousands of contracts. TractManager uses AI to bring efficiency to the process, allowing healthcare systems to quickly answer important business questions.

Do you know the impact of all of your contract obligations on your organization?

Without artificial intelligence, it is impossible to comb through the tens of thousands of contracts your organization may have to pinpoint risk and financial missteps.

TractManager’s AI-powered Contract Analytics sees what the human eye can’t, and at scale. Our capabilities and contracting experts enable your organization to answer key business questions you might not even think to ask.

It’s Like Having Your Own
In-House Data Scientist.

TractManager’s Contract Analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver these insights:

Standard Terms Analysis

AI technology scans hundreds of types of contract terms in minutes. We help you mine, surface, and understand potential risks associated with Standard Terms within all your contracts. From there, our team of experts delivers actionable insights for you to make business decisions.


Physician Agreement Analytics

Our dashboard aggregates physician compensation details within provider contracts, so you can analyze and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements around total compensation and Fair Market Value, while gaining an understanding of business ventures in which your providers are participating.


BAA Audits

Proactively identify when you’re out of Business Associate Agreement (BAA) compliance. Automate the identification of contracts in your organization that require BAAs, learn which of these contracts are missing BAAs, and work with our team of experts to remediate BAA deficiencies.

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M&A Contract Analytics

When you merge or acquire a hospital or health system, you are also buying the risk associated with pre-existing contract relationships. Contract Analytics provides contract insights by identifying, extracting, and analyzing key business and legal terms that allow you to make strategic decisions earlier in the diligence period, proactively identifying risk and redundancies.


Cybersecurity Risk Evaluation

Contract Analytics programmatically identifies the presence or absence of cybersecurity language within vendor agreements. This includes language around data breaches, malware attacks, and who owns the liability. Take charge by modernizing cyber protection clauses and reconcile risks to your cyber operations.

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Managed Care Contracting

Assess your organization’s payer contracts to identify possible reimbursement challenges and variability in risk that each contract poses to the institution. If you don’t know that you are required to comply with certain requirements, you will be out of compliance. Stay apprised of relevant terms and conditions within your agreements.


Lease Identification

Contract Analytics mines contract data to identify lease clauses through Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We identify agreements that are categorized as leases under the new accounting requirements to help you comply with GAAP ASC 842.


CMS Open Payments

We take open payments data and match it against physician agreements to ensure compliance for any vendor payments made to physicians. Our insights help ensure that your physicians are operating in an appropriate manner regarding physician remuneration and in compliance with federal regulations.


Your Go-To Solution for Contract Lifecycle and Provider Management.

Contract Lifecycle Management

MediTract CLM improves productivity, drives compliance, and protects your strategic contract assets.


Simplify provider onboarding with the people and process to support provider contracting, credentialing that is accredited by the NCQA, and enrollment.

The AI Uprising: You Can’t Control Your Costs If You Can’t Control Your Contracts

Analyzing your contract data helps you secure the right price and terms and prevents expensive compliance violations.