Contract Analytics: From Insight to Action. 

MediTract CLM’s AI-powered Contract Analytics provides the insights you need to avoid compliance, security, financial, and other contract risks.

There’s important information hidden deep within your agreements, and without the right technology you may never know the full extent of your organization’s exposure.

Whether it’s an error in a vendor agreement that could cost thousands of dollars or potential conflicts of interest in a physician’s contract that increases compliance risks, uncovering critical contract data at scale can’t be done by hand.

Do you know the impact of all of your contract obligations on your organization?

Without artificial intelligence, it is impossible to comb through the tens of thousands of contracts your organization may have to pinpoint risk and financial missteps.

MediTract CLM’s AI-powered Contract Analytics sees what the human eye can’t, and at scale. Our capabilities and contracting experts enable your organization to answer key business questions you might not even think to ask.

It’s Like Having Your Own
In-House Data Scientist.

MediTract CLM’s Contract Analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver these insights:

Standard Terms Analysis

We help you mine, understand, and surface potential risks within the terms of any contract.


Physician Agreement Analytics

Our dashboard aggregates payment agreement details within provider contracts, so you can analyze total compensation and Fair Market Value.


BAA Audits

Proactively know when you’re out of compliance. Automate the identification of contracts in your organization that are missing a BAA.

M&A Contract Analytics

Identify contract redundancies that occur after your organization has either merged with or acquired another system. 


Cybersecurity Risk Evaluation

Understand your organization’s liability in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

Managed Care Contracting

Assess the variability of your organization’s payer contracts to identify possible reimbursement challenges.


Lease Identification

We determine which contracts might contain lease agreements and help you meet the new ASC 842 lease accounting standard.


CMS Open Payments

We take open payments data and match it against physician agreements to ensure compliance for any vendor payments made to physicians.


Your Go-To Solution for Contract Lifecycle and Provider Management.

Contract Lifecycle Management

MediTract CLM improves productivity, drives compliance, and protects your strategic contract assets.


Simplify provider onboarding with the people and process to support provider contracting, and NCQA-accredited credentialing, and enrollment.

Interested in Better Margins and Better Healthcare Compliance?

Learn why the nation’s top health systems choose TractManager for contract lifecycle management.