Stay in Healthcare Compliance and Out of the Headlines.

Physician referrals. Vendor relationships. Non-monetary compensation.

These activities are part of the normal course of doing business, but they can all cost your organization thousands of dollars in fines and lost revenue if they aren’t tracked and monitored appropriately. Healthcare regulations are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. You need a healthcare compliance solution that helps you identify and resolve potential risks before they happen.

Dedicated to Healthcare Compliance.

Automatically collect information, report any conflicts of interest (from physicians, executives, board members and purchasing agents), and gain dashboard visibility into potential conflicts.​

Track the nonmonetary compensation your providers receive more effectively and identify potential violations of anti-kickback statutes as well as your own organization’s policies.

Create customized timesheets to track different reportable activities and to monitor compliant and non-compliant providers and contracted personnel.​

Create on-demand surveys that are scheduled to better manage all your vendor relationships and help reduce any vendor-related compliance risks.​

Extend the Capabilities of MediTract CLM.

TractManager’s Compliance Suite automates and integrates contract compliance through a centralized project hub.

Our Compliance Suite allows you to:

  • Evaluate your vendors
  • Track physician time reporting
  • Identify and avoid conflict of interest issues
  • Record gifts and other non-monetary compensation

TractManager’s approach to compliance helps you avoid hefty fines and penalties. No lengthy, manual process required.

Non-Compliance Is Never Worth It.

With TractManager’s Compliance Suite, you can better manage your financial risk. 

Anti-Kickback Statutes

Criminal fines $25,000 and Civil fines: up to $50,000 (OIG)


Stark Law

Civil penalties up to $15,000 and Willful circumvention $100,000 (OIG)


Business Associate Agreements

$31,000 fine for a single missing BAA (HHS)

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CMS Reporting for Physician Time & Effort

Don’t risk losing The Joint Commission accreditation 


The AI Uprising: You Can’t Control Your Costs If You Can’t Control Your Contracts

Analyzing your contract data helps you secure the right price and terms and prevents expensive compliance violations.