Realize the Value of Better Healthcare Contract Lifecycle Management.

MediTract CLM is the gold standard of healthcare contracting.

With so many legal requirements, don’t leave your contract lifecycle management to just anybody. Your contracts represent the most significant business obligations your organization manages. From provider contracts to vendor relationships, your contracts impact your organization’s administrative operations and bottom line. 


The Experts’ Guide
to Healthcare Compliance:

Understand critical components to mitigate risks and avoid penalties

Keep Pace with Changing Healthcare Regulations.

Healthcare organizations demand greater visibility into contract obligations and compliance risk.

Your organization needs a contract lifecycle management solution to help you manage the unique challenges specific to the healthcare industry. Our MediTract CLM solution includes a common library to store all your contracts in a single location and a set of best practice and customizable workflows to drive transparency and efficiency. Our Contract Analytics exposes non-compliant contracts at scale, and our integrated healthcare Compliance Suite mitigates the issues that keep you up at night. 

What Is Contract Workflow?

TractManagers Contract Workflow is a repeatable, permission-based workflow that standardizes your contracting processes and promotes compliance at every stage of the contract lifecycle.

More Savings & Better Compliance in Less Time.

Effective contract management isn’t just an administrative need. It’s a legal and compliance must.

TractManager delivers the services and technology to meet all the contract management needs of your health system. Our solution allows your organization to centralize all contracts into a single source of truth, standardize your contract operations to achieve more productivity, and optimize your contract assets to minimize variability and eliminate risk.

Position both you and your organization for success today and into the future with TractManager by your side. With over 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and best practices to lead your organization through the challenges of healthcare contract lifecycle management and help you achieve regulatory compliance.

Our Solutions Automate and Streamline Your
Provider Management Processes.

Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Provider Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.

Healthcare Contract Lifecycle Management — Fully Executed, Completely Compliant.

Our solutions do more than the typical contract lifecycle management offering:

MediTract CLM

The only patented contract lifecycle management solution in the healthcare industry. Use it to securely manage all your contracts in a centralized database, create custom workflows by contract type, and stay compliant with changing regulations.

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Compliance Suite

Evaluate your vendors, track provider time reporting, avoid conflicts of interest, and record gifts and other non-monetary compensation physicians receive.

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Contract Analytics

Contract Analytics gives you complete visibility into your organization’s contracts, helping you manage by exception, reduce your risk, and uncover savings.

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Better Contract Management

Investing in a healthcare-specific CLM solution makes a positive impact on your bottom line.

Reduce physician contracting cycles by 68%

Reduce contract administration costs 40%

Improve negotiation speed by 50%

Improve contract delivery time by 11%

The AI Uprising: You Can’t Control Your Costs If You Can’t Control Your Contracts

Analyzing your contract data helps you secure the right price and terms and prevents expensive compliance violations.

One Platform. All Your Needs.

Find additional TractManager solutions specifically designed to help your healthcare organization succeed in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Simplify provider onboarding — including the credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes — and learn more about our Provider Analytics.

Rather than a process that starts and ends with product assessment, our data-driven value analysis software and services help you evaluate the full breadth of any decision.

Better understand where your non-labor dollars are going and compare contract pricing to national benchmarks with just one click using our integrated healthcare Spend Management solution.