A leading healthcare organization recovered quickly from a breach of Protected Health Information with help from TractManager’s Contract Analytics.

Client Case Study: Contract Analytics

A leading healthcare organization experienced a breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) and needed to quickly access its Breach Notification clause to determine notification requirements and remedies.

TractManager Case StudyThe Challenge:

Clinical Trial Investigators informed the legal department of an accidental breach of unsecured Protected Health Information (PHI). The organization had to take immediate action to ascertain its Breach Notification requirements and to determine how many contain a Remedies clause or Reimbursement of Costs clauses. The most difficult aspects of this project were:

  • Finding all the relevant contracts
  • Quickly locating Breach Notification clauses and determining notification requirements
  • Determining the remedy requirements
  • Properly managing the contracts going forward to ensure that the organization would be able to react quickly to changing business needs

Trying to analyze all the Clinical Trial Agreements to find the relevant ones was proving to be a laborious and expensive manual process. Once the contracts were found, it was another burdensome process to manually review the Breach Notification clauses in each contract. After each contract was reviewed, the problem of determining the appropriate remedy remained. In the event of a future breach, the organization wanted to avoid going through a manual process by implementing a contract management solution rather than relying on a static Excel spreadsheet.

The Solution?

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