What’s New in the Mobile C-Arm Market

GE Healthcare has long been the leader in the Mobile C-arm market. GE owes its position at the top in large part to its purchase of OEC Medical Systems and the 9800 (and now the 9900) C-arm system in 1999. As demonstrated in the chart below, the lion’s share of C-arm quotations (with exception to 3D) that our more than 3300 member hospitals submit for review come from GE.

Activity by Market Segment

However, once you diving deeper into the various market segments, the story begins to change. Keep in mind that the percentages are based on quote activity. While this is not market share, these numbers track closely.


In the vascular market, we see GE’s percentage at 82 percent, Siemens (Arcadis Avantic and Varic) at 16 percent and Philips (Pulsera General Ortho) a distant third at 3 percent.


In General/Surgical/Orthopedic, GE is still dominant at 87 percent. Ziehm (Vision R and Solo) is at 7 percent, Siemens (Arcadis Orbic and Varic) is at 5 percent and Philips (Pulsera 12 Vascular Expert) is at 2 percent.


The market leaders in 3D capability are different. Medtronic (O-arm) dominates at 82 percent with Siemens (ARCADIS Orbic 3D) a far second at 18 percent. Ziehm manufactures the Vision RFD 3D system and the Vision FD Vario 3D; however, we have not seen any quotes from our member hospitals during the past 12 months on these systems.

Flat Panel Market

In the flat panel market, Philips (Veradius 1.2 Neo and Veradius 2.0 Unity) takes the lead at 59 percent, Siemens (Cios Alpha) at 23 percent and Ziehm (Vision RFD) in third at 18 percent. The Veradius 1.2 Neo is Philips’ second-generation flat detector system, and the newest generation released in November 2014 is the Veradius 2.0 Unity. The flat panel market used to include only Philips and Ziehm, and in November 2014, Siemens released its flat panel system called the Cios Alpha.

According to the Transparency market research report, the fluoroscopy and mobile C-arm market is expected to be worth $2.08 billion in 2019. The fluoroscopy system dominated the market in 2012, but now the mobile C-arm market is dominating in terms of volume.

Jamie Dildy, Clinical Analyst

Jamie Dildy joined MD Buyline in 2009 with more than 10 years’ experience as an interventional radiology technologist.

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