TractManager Thanks Healthcare’s Unsung Heroes in Supply Chain and Value Analysis

During this month of gratitude, TractManager spotlights those who work tirelessly in Supply Chain and Value Analysis to power the healthcare industry.

Our mission at TractManager is to optimize the business of healthcare. With our solutions, we support those “unsung heroes” who work behind the scenes to keep healthcare organizations running smoothly. These are the folks whose tireless efforts in maintaining day-to-day operations enable clinicians to focus on providing exceptional care.

Now, in this month of Thanksgiving, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate these unsung heroes and to thank them for the many ways they contribute to their organizations — from the largest health systems to community hospitals. Among them are the people who work in the supply chain and value analysis departments.

Every healthcare organization has a supply chain team that is constantly looking for ways to decrease spend, while responding to the ever-increasing need for supplies, equipment, and services. One of the biggest costs for a healthcare organization is supply chain spend—accounting for up to one third of operating expenses at some hospitals. In 2018, U.S. hospitals spent a combined $36 billion on medical and surgical supplies, with an average of $11.9 million per hospital. Reducing these costs and making the process by which hospitals obtain needed equipment, supplies, and services more efficient is the difficult goal of those unsung supply chain heroes. Without the Supply Chain departments, healthcare organizations wouldn’t have the vital resources providers need to save lives.

Working hand-in-hand with the supply chain team are the individuals in value analysis. Whether they are procuring a new clinical item or reducing existing items that are not clinically efficacious, value analysis teams gather information across departments and collaborate on purchasing decisions. Value Analysis staff are required to review information, discuss options, and make decisions quickly and accurately – impacting the entire healthcare organization. These decisions are not easy, but they are vital to the continuing health and very survival of the healthcare organizations we all depend on.

While they may not make the headlines or receive acknowledgement from patients, the people who work behind the scenes at our nation’s healthcare organizations are the engine that powers the industry. That’s why at TractManager, we strive to empower these unsung heroes by providing them insights and technology to make smarter decisions. From improved sourcing decisions, to compliant contract lifecycle management, to provider management, we help these people run their healthcare organizations at peak efficiency. And for this month of thanks, we want to make sure everyone understands how vital the supply chain and value analysis workforces are to the healthcare industry.


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