Total Value Management: Value-Driven, Care Continuum Focus

This ultimate stage of Total Value Management is characterized by decision-making that relies upon unbiased, scored, and comprehensive evidence. Leadership must promote this mature, clinically collaborative process.

To reach and maintain this stage, the mission must be made explicit, and every staff member must actively collaborate in a culture that promotes constant communication, self-analysis, and improvement. The culture has become self-sustaining and not reliant upon who stays or who leaves. Evidence-based decision-making is now embedded into the standard of care.

Value analysis is no longer an event—it is a part of a health system’s very DNA.

Download the Total Value Management white paper written by TractManager’s value analysis experts, Dee Donatelli, Dr. Mark Kestner, Dr. Kristin Stitt, and Dr. Winifred Hayes, and learn how to mature from making event-based decisions to creating and sustaining an evidence-driven culture of collaboration.