Total Value Management: Demand-Driven Focus

Demand-Driven Focus is the first — and least mature — stage of a hospital’s value analysis process. This stage is a vestige of the days when health systems were able to determine both the technologies they used to deliver care and the prices they charged patients.

Value analysis in this model is characterized by a small number of staff handling a large number of product requests but with no ability to guide decision-making. Reactive to the push and pull of a fee-for-service care delivery model, such a demand-driven approach results in unsustainable overhead and wide clinical variation over time.

Download the Total Value Management white paper written by TractManager’s value analysis experts, Dee Donatelli, Dr. Mark Kestner, Dr. Kristin Stitt, and Dr. Winifred Hayes, and learn how to mature from making event-based decisions to creating and sustaining an evidence-driven culture of collaboration.