The Difference Between Price and Strategy

(This is the third installment of a six-part series examining the role of clinical evidence in capital planning.)

Not every big-ticket item is truly strategic. If a device or equipment is a fixed asset with a defined life span, it will often be categorized and tracked as a capital expenditure in the financials, although it is usually not scrutinized or approved with the same rigor as equipment involved, however peripherally, in patient care. These technologies require a more investigative, cross-functional approach, and include:

  • Monitoring Technology: These devices measure and monitor respiration, cardiac function, blood pressure, and other indicators of health.
  • Diagnostic and Screening Technology: These technologies help caregivers better understand an organ system or the presentation of signs and symptoms, informing an eventual diagnosis.
  • Therapeutic Technology: This includes equipment and devices used to treat a specific disease or condition, like ventilators and defibrillators.
  • Hybrid Technologies: Typically, these are a combination of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies bundled into a single system. One example is a robotic surgery device with a real-time imaging component.

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Bill Donato, General Manager, MD Buyline

Healthcare veteran Bill Donato joined TractManager early in 2017.