Technology Continues to Drive the Evolution in Healthcare

A recent article in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report pointed to some of the dramatic changes that technology will drive as the nation’s healthcare organizations evolve.

Titled 15 things health systems do today that will become obsolete due to technology,” the article relied on the expertise of a number of healthcare executives from across the country. Among them was Ed Hardin, vice president of supply chain for Froedtert Health in Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Hardin stressed the importance of “eliminating supply chain management silos and replacing them with enterprise wide electronic requisition processes to greatly streamline our clinical value analysis.” Thanks to TractManager’s Value Analysis solution, Froedtert Health now uses an electronic requisition process for new product requests and assessments. Each stage of the supply chain is supported with automated, evidence-based new product and technology assessments, benchmarking, contract management, and a centralized contract repository.  

Froedtert Health is a long-time user of TractManager’s strategic sourcing portfolio, which includes Capital, Medical Equipment Planning, Purchased Services, and Recall Tracker solutions. TractManager also worked with Froedtert Health to redesign and integrate clinical evidence into its value analysis process. The technology-driven process the system is now employing enables Froedtert Health to create a more streamlined decision-making process with an enterprise wide approach to purchasing the right technology at the best value,” Hardin said. 

There are four essential components to a modern value analysis process: People, Process, Technology, and Evidence. TractManager’s approach brings all elements together to truly automate the decision process, providing institutional visibility, consistency, buy-in, and commitment. 

You can find out more about how TractManager and Froedtert Health are partnering to manage the system’s supply chain and value analysis initiatives here. 


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