Onsite Resource Mock Up Rooms

We’d like to congratulate our partners at the University of Chicago for expanding their campus while continuing to provide excellent service to the community. We are pleased to be onsite for this project.

Here is an update on team EMTS at UChicago!

Here’s our Vice President (Andrew Hunt) and other members of our onsite team doing what they do best, inspecting and correcting to ensure the best fit possible at the best price point possible. EMTS was responsible for purchasing of these items to keep the budget on track, stay on schedule, and to validate pricing for the rest of the equipment needed throughout the project.


Our OCR service doesn’t stop at the office as you can see from these pictures. Our services guides your equipment through planning and all the way through go–live activation. During this mock up, we worked to help the general contractors plan these mock ups by insuring that all item delivery was correct and on time. Here is the team checking the equipment fits, heights and models to ensure that the mock ups we’ve help build are ideal for the finished rooms.

This is an important step to make sure workflow and the patient experience is optimal. It identifies critical pathway errors and clarifies what adjustments will need to be made to make the best space possible.

For example, EMTS helped verify, purchase and track the headwall shipment all the way from Canada. Our services ensured a smooth delivery and transition time, taking the guesswork and stress out of the mock up. The headwalls needed to be at a correct height, with the correct air and electric ports confirmed as these have to be manually installed to be flush with the wall. We coordinated with several departments including, purchasing, logistics and facilities to ensure that these components were the ideal match for the hospitals service line. Headwalls are a vital part of any hospital intake or patient room. If incorrect, they can severely impact patient care, nurse management workflow and infection control.

EMTS is proud to help the University of Chicago community and all of the patients it services in the Chicago area. We look forward to the opening of this space in 2018.