MediTract Unveils Next Generation of Software Platform

In two well-attended webinars on Aug. 28 and 29, 2018, users got a first glimpse of MediTract 2.0, the latest version of TractManager’s Gold Standard CLM platform.

MediTract 2.0 integrates MediTract’s Contract Library, Process Manager, and compliance solutions—Physician Time and Effort Tracking, Vendor Evaluations for Clinical and Non-Clinical Contracts, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements, and Non-Monetary Compensation Tracking—into a single contract lifecycle platform. MediTract 2.0 also incorporates advanced analytics, adding insight into contracts and allowing for more informed decisions.

MediTract 2.0 provides increased visibility into contractual obligations, mitigates risk of non-compliance, identifies additional opportunities for cost savings, controls the contracting process, and significantly impacts your bottom line. Add Newport into your physician credentialing, enrollment, and contracting lifecycle process to create contracting efficiencies, bring transparency into the process, and improve profitability by reducing claims denials caused by improper provider enrollment.

MediTract 2.0 Assist Healthcare Organizations to:

  • Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency via streamlined and proactive contracting processes.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for cost avoidance and cost savings via advanced notifications, action lists, and data analytics.
  • Mitigate regulatory and organizational compliance risk through MediTract’s compliance suite.
  • Optimize visibility and transparency into contractual arrangements using analytics and on-demand reporting.
  • Standardize and execute process and policy controls through incorporation of an enterprise contracting lifecycle process.
  • Maximize value of contractual arrangements using advanced analytics to identify non-standard clauses and revenue opportunities.
  • Streamline the provider credentialing and enrollment process by incorporating Newport Credentialing’s cloud-based technology and industry-leading processes.

The MediTract 2.0 platform eliminates disjointed manual procedures and the time-consuming processes associated with them, and provides the transparency, compliance, and analytics needed to make proactive decisions, recognize revenue faster, and reduce risk across the enterprise.

Top 10 Features:

  • Updated User Interface and Enhanced User Experience
  • Solution integration, including Contract Library, Process Manager, and Compliance Suite
  • On-Demand Reporting and Configurable Dashboards
  • Drag-and-Drop Document and Attachment Management
  • Confidential Commenting and Attachments During Workflow Process
  • Form Functionality
  • Microsoft 365 Office Integration
  • Integrated Physician Credentialing and Enrollment Process
  • Third-party System Integration via API
  • Advanced Data Analytics

To learn more about MediTract 2.0, ask for a consultation or demo. Call 888-286-3289 or send an email to