Leadership Decision-Making & Process Improvement

Healthcare reform and the COVID-19 pandemic have mandated an evolution in care delivery.

Reducing healthcare costs is no longer sufficient. Leaders must focus on delivering high-value care by improving processes and reducing costs without sacrificing clinical outcomes. When making decisions regarding physician preference items, a capital purchase, a new clinical initiative, or purchased services, your assessment should be data-driven, and allow your key stakeholders to have the information they need to arrive at smarter insights, faster.

To standardize and improve decision-making processes, leaders must:

  • Move decision making from subjective to objective. Nice to have vs. need to have should become the new criteria.   
  • Provide accurate, applicable, actionable, and available data. Decisions must be based upon facts not feelings.

To attain value in the care delivered, decision-makers must look beyond cost and ask, “How does the item, process, or technology that we are evaluating add value to our patients, beyond the short term?” To answer this question, you must examine utilization, standardization, and variance across consumables, capital, purchased services, processes of care, and clinical and strategic initiatives, including what is important to the patient.

The Journal of Healthcare ContractingRead Dee’s article in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting to discover additional best practices to improve decision-making.

TractManager’s Value Management solutions support your team with smarter insights for smarter decisions. Rather than a process that starts and ends with product assessment, our data-driven value analysis software and services help you evaluate the full breadth of any decision. Evidence, safety, regulatory, recall, spend, benchmarking, and contract data are all in one place. This means you never waste valuable time scouring spreadsheets to get the information your committee needs. The right stakeholder always has the right data at the right time.


Dee Donatelli

Vice President, Professional Services

Dee Donatelli joined TractManager in 2018 as the director of Value Analysis Consulting.


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