Dual Technology Types in the Fluoroscopy Market

Image-Intensifiers Remain Strong

According to a recent report:

“…unhealthy lifestyles and the large and growing geriatric population worldwide is fueling the need for cardiology and vascular procedures, orthopedic care, and pain management that are performed using fluoroscopy and mobile C-arm systems.”

This is supported by market forecasts for fluoroscopy and mobile C-arm which is expected to reach $2.08 billion by 2019 – a predicted expansion of 3 percent CAGR from 2013 to 2019.

Use of Image-Intensifiers Remains Strong

When tasked with researching the major vendors and viable system options, many facility decision-makers continue to struggle with which type of system is best suited for their overall needs. Despite dynamic flat-panel detector (FPD) technology being coined as the gold standard in this arena, there are still multiple benefits that image intensifier-based systems can offer. First and foremost is price point. A detector-driven R/F system can carry a price tag of 25-50 percent more than an image-intensifier system. Also, at times of low-dose scenarios, such as pediatric imaging, and when applying smaller fields of view, the image quality and resolution often fare better with image intensifiers than with dynamic detectors.

Average Purchase Price of systems:

  • Image Intensifier-based – $325,000-$450,000
  • FPD-based – $500,000-$800,000

Richard Coronado, U.S. marketing manager of X-ray for GE Healthcare said many potential buyers turn to the GE Precision 500D R/F system, an image intensifier-based system, due to the higher degree of affordability when compared to that of flat-panel systems. Coronado also said:

“There is a deeper market understanding of the performance, reliability and relative repair costs related to image-intensifier technology as opposed to dynamic flat-panel technology, which has yet to establish a long track record of useful life and repair expenses.”

Vendors Offer Image-Intensifiers Alongside FPD

At MD Buyline, we’ve seen the purchasing activity and customer interest within the Radiology R/F system market echo the climate described in many of the global market reports. In the past few quarters, the trending is shown to be stable, and customers are still choosing to purchase new image-intensifier based systems. It’s also important to note that of the five major vendors in this space, only one, Siemens Healthcare, has completely eliminated image-intensifier -based systems from its product portfolio and only offers FPD-based units. Philips Healthcare and Shimadzu Medical Systems all offer both technologies. GE Healthcare and Toshiba do not currently operate in the dynamic detector R/F arena.

Below are the vendors that offer systems within R/F technology:

Vendors Offering Image Intensifier-based Systems

  • GE Healthcare
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Shimadzu Medical Systems
  • Toshiba America Medical Systems

Vendors Offering FPD-based Systems

  • Philips Healthcare
  • Shimadzu Medical Systems
  • Siemens Healthcare

Vendors Offering Both Types of Systems

  • Philips Healthcare
  • Shimadzu Medical Systems

If your facility is currently a member of MD Buyline and in the budgeting and planning phases of equipment selection for R/F technology in your medical imaging department, please contact us to discuss this market and the vendors in greater detail.

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