Comprehensive Safe Start: A Structured Framework

When healthcare organizations analyze poor decisions that may have resulted in harm to patients, they are retrospectively identifying problems to help them optimize their decision-making processes. But how do they look ahead and analyze the possible impacts of new programs, products, or technologies? The ability to make reasoned predictions about patient experience and outcomes, costs, and other measurements could help them avoid negative consequences of these new initiatives.

The structured framework inherent in the Comprehensive Safe Start approach takes into account impacts on patient outcomes and costs, staff engagement, regulatory requirements, and a multitude of other factors. Health systems can not only identify potential risks, but they can also engage their clinicians in the decision-making process.

Download the Comprehensive Safe Start white paper written by TractManager’s value analysis experts, Dee Donatelli, Dr. Mark Kestner, Dr. Kristin Stitt, and Barry Dyer, and learn how to:

  • Better assess the clinical, infrastructural, and financial impact of a technology.
  • Foster more inclusive and effective value analysis decisions.
  • Achieve measurable improvements in Quadruple Aim performance indicators.