A Changing Workplace and the Role of Technology

Shocking change hit the workplace in March and April that will have long-term ramifications on remote work.

Nearly half of the jobs in the United States—70 million—have been directly affected by COVID-19, according to the rating agency Moody’s Analytics.

Some healthcare supply chain people are knowledge workers who work with data, ideas, and information rather than machinery. Offering workplace flexibility through remote work is one way that employers can retain and attract skilled workers in the future. So how successful has your transition been to “work-from-home”? Are you able to work a project from start to finish, including discussions with unlimited subject matter experts, all online? Can you remotely document and communicate critical decisions such as substitute products to a large group?

If you have not thought strategically about moving to a virtual or remote workflow process application, you need to start. We should not have to be physically in the healthcare building to make effective decisions. Our world is connected 24/7; sadly, our hospital operational systems may not be.

Check out Dee’s article in Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management’s recent publication.

At TractManager, we offer solutions and industry experts who can help you, your team, or your organization navigate remote-based working. Our solutions drive productivity, increase alignment, and improve engagement. They include capabilities that streamline remote-based work for Contract Management, Medical Staff, and Supply Chain teams. We enable these teams to optimize essential administrative and operational responsibilities. Our capabilities enable key stakeholders and leaders to remain on the same page, on the same task, and on point to get through this crisis both today and tomorrow.


Dee Donatelli

Vice President, Professional Services

Dee Donatelli joined TractManager in 2018 as the director of Value Analysis Consulting.


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