Company History

Company History

Company Overview

TractManager’s healthcare-specific strategic sourcing application suite serves the purchasing and contract management needs of three out of five U.S. hospitals. Serving the healthcare industry with integrity for more than 30 years, TractManager is the first-mover in strategic sourcing and enterprise contract lifecycle management. Our advisory services wrap around each solution component, optimizing purchasing and service category management, while supporting best-practice contracting processes. With divisions in Chattanooga, Tenn. (MediTract), Dallas (MD Buyline), and suburban Philadelphia (Hayes), we are dedicated to helping our clients improve their cash flows by reducing their capital and non-labor costs, and standardize their contract management processes to meet regulatory requirements.

In July 2017, TractManager expanded its strategic sourcing application suite with the acquisition of MedApproved, a company providing a SaaS-based, new product approval workflow solution to help hospitals review the thousands of products and services that physicians, nurses and staff request on a yearly basis.

In September 2017, TractManager acquired Hayes, one of the most respected sources of evidence-based technology assessments and unbiased advisory services in healthcare. Also in September 2017, TractManager entered into a partnership with BidMed, a leader in healthcare asset disposition, specializing in buying and selling pre-owned medical equipment. The combined strengths of MD Buyline, BidMed, MedApproved, Hayes, and MediTract enable us to offer a unique provider solution supporting every stage of the capital purchasing lifecycle.

Company History

TractManager Holdings is a holding company with three divisions serving hospitals and health systems, insurance plans and employers, and government agencies. MediTract, located in Chattanooga, Tenn., sells a contract lifecycle management solution; MD Buyline, located in Dallas, sells a strategic sourcing solution; and Hayes, located in suburban Philadelphia, provides unbiased, evidence-based research and analysis of the efficacy and value of medical technology and practices to providers and payers. Each division was a privately held company before it was acquired by the private equity firm, Arsenal Capital: MediTract in 2013, MD Buyline in 2014, Hayes in 2017.

MediTract serves a quarter of the nation’s hospitals with contract lifecycle management solutions and consulting services, and is the leading contract management and compliance company solely dedicated to healthcare. MediTract is at the forefront of the complex and continually evolving regulatory environment, and has incorporated a full suite of hospital compliance components into its contract lifecycle management solution.

MD Buyline serves approximately 60 percent of U.S. hospitals with its strategic sourcing offering. Staffed entirely by former hospital executives, department managers, and clinicians, the Research and Analysis team advises hospital clients daily on capital equipment, purchased services, and consumable purchasing decisions. With the acquisition of MedApproved, the team also works with hospitals to streamline and organize their evaluation and selection of new products with the MedApproved new product evaluation workflow solution.

Hayes serves 87 percent of the payer market, and hundreds of provider clients with unbiased health technology assessments and evidence-based analyses of medical technology and practices as well as assessments of emerging technologies. Hayes’ expert researchers and clinicians evaluate a wide range of medical technologies and clinical programs to determine their impact on patient safety, health outcomes, and resource utilization, and they help clients integrate evidence into their processes and decision-making.