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Join healthcare leaders nationwide who rely on TractManager’s strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and provider management solutions to make smart decisions for their organizations.

Praise for TractManager's
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TractManager named to “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers” list by CIO Review.

COVID-19 Clinical Evidence, Strategic Sourcing and Credentialing Updates

Important News and Reports regarding the impact on Emerging Technologies, Healthcare Sourcing, and Provider Credentialing.

Accelerate Revenue Capture and Mitigate Your Compliance Risk with MediTract CLM and NCQA-Accredited Credentialing.

When supported by a compliance-driven contract lifecycle management solution, you can access the contract assets you need to make smart decisions.
Every day your provider doesn’t see patients is a day you’ve lost revenue. So when it’s time to bring on a new provider or practice group, accelerating your provider onboarding is always top of mind.
By preventing claim denials through more effective provider enrollment and credentialing, and ensuring your physician contracts are compliant you can process your contract assets faster and get to revenue sooner.

We Simplify the Complicated and Streamline the Scattered.

From Strategic Sourcing to Contract Lifecycle Management and Provider Management, we empower your healthcare organization with solutions and services that help you make better sense of your data and streamline your processes. The result? Smarter decisions that lead to better care.


We combine clinical evidence and price benchmarking data with our technology, people, and processes to meet all your healthcare sourcing needs, from spend and value management to capital planning. 

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Contract Lifecycle

Meditract CLM centralizes, standardizes, and optimizes your contract management system to improve productivity, drive compliance, and protect your strategic contract assets.

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Provider credentialing and enrollment doesn’t have to take several months. Our technology-enabled, service-based approach reduces your compliance risks and the financial impact of credential and enrollment-related denials.

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Gain Control of Your Spend and Stop Leakage.

Guesswork isn’t conducive to great patient care. And it doesn’t work for your sourcing team, either.

Our spend management solution empowers your team with the spend analytics, contract benchmarking, and invoice reconciliation for all your non-labor spend categories. Our experts then help you target off-contract spend and renegotiate your contract terms to help shrink your spend and grow your margins. 

7 Deadly Sins of Capital Planning & Budgeting

Learn how to make more strategic capital planning and budgeting decisions and prevent errors from happening in the first place.

Total Value Management: The Evolution of Value Analysis

How mature are your health system’s value analysis decision-making processes?

Learn how health systems can evolve from making event-based decisions to creating and sustaining an evidence and value-based culture of collaboration.

The Comprehensive Safe Start: A Collaborative Value Analysis Framework

Discover how health systems can identify potential risks as well as engage their workforce in more collaborative — and ultimately more effective — decision-making processes.

The Strategic Role of Clinical Evidence in Value-Based Healthcare Capital Planning

Learn how introducing clinical evidence into the capital planning process can foster a more collaborative, strategic decision-making framework.

Our Solutions Automate and Streamline Your Provider Management Processes.

Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Physician Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.


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