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Join healthcare leaders nationwide who rely on TractManager’s strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and provider management solutions to make smart decisions for their organizations.

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Who is TractManager?

At TractManager, we empower the unsung heroes who make healthcare organizations run, with insights and technology to make smarter decisions. From improved sourcing decisions, to compliant contract lifecycle management, to credentialing that is NCQA accredited, and provider management, we help people run their healthcare organizations at peak efficiency. And when this happens, ultimately, something pretty major happens: patients receive better care.

Your Partner in Delivering Smarter Care.

TractManager’s extensible solutions allow you to configure a solution to fit your healthcare organization’s unique challenges.

Contract Lifecycle Management: We centralize, standardize, and optimize contract management data and processes to improve productivity, and we provide advanced contract analytics to ensure compliance and speed to value.

Strategic Sourcing: We combine clinical evidence and price benchmarking data with spend analytics to meet all your healthcare sourcing needs, from spend management, to value analysis, to capital planning.

Provider Management: Our technology-enabled services automate and accelerate your contracting, credentialing, privileging, and enrollment, while utilizing AI-powered analytics to avoid compliance violations.

Healthcare Technology: Advancing the Way You Work.

Our purpose-built workflows and proprietary content inject analytics directly into your high-profile business processes, so daily operations run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

System Integrations: Our software integrates directly with ERP and other systems, with real-time contract and spend data, to improve your compliance, spend management, and provider onboarding efforts.

Workflow Technology: The TractManager workflow engine adapts to incorporate your business needs. Our experts work with you to design efficient processes, automate them with technology, and help you manage the effectiveness of your workflows reporting.

Advanced Analytics: Our spend, contract, quote, and provider analytics provide insights that enable more strategic decision-making throughout your organization, helping reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and improve compliance.

Client Case Study: Provider Enrollment Solution

TractManager Case StudyThe Challenge:

Client was losing revenue due to not enrolling its 200 Physician Assistants as standalone providers.

  • Client looked at several internal and external provider enrollment options.
  • Client had limited internal resources and wanted to start the project ASAP.

TractManager Case StudyThe Solution:

Client was able to bill for Physician Assistants as individual providers, translating to substantial incremental revenue for the organization and a 10-to-1 ROI.

  • TractManager initiated a comprehensive provider enrollment solution for all 200 Physician Assistants that included a transition kick-off meeting, onsite documentation collection, and the building of all provider profiles in our credentialing system.

TractManager’s Experts Invest in Your Success.

Our professional services team doesn’t stop working just because your solution has been installed. We continue to help you navigate difficult spend management, contracting, and provider management challenges, serving as your on-demand consultative advisor.


Our clinical analysts help you blueprint and fine-tune processes, streamline operations, evaluate medical technologies, and improve contract compliance.

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Our professional services staff works with you to map stakeholder and business requirements, ensuring your team is ready to get working on time—and without disruptions.

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Staff Augmentation

Our dedicated IT, sourcing, and planning experts help you deliver a turnkey approach to lower costs, uncovering savings your organization can reinvest into delivering better care.

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Training and Adoption Services:

By actively involving your users, our approach ensures they retain what they learn, adopt your solution faster, and demonstrate measurable proficiency in key concepts.

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